Frequently Asked Questions



Are children allowed?

Children 11 years of age and under have to be accompanied by an adult. Once a child turns 12, they can apply for their own membership card and visit the club on their own. If visiting alone, they will not be allowed to bring a guest until they turn 18.

is there a dress code?

There is no specific dress code to enter the club however dining venues and sports faciliites do have dress codes which should be mentioned on their respective pages.

Sports & Recreation

When is the earliest we can book courts?

Bookings open one week in advance for all courts.

Are there any guest fees?

Yes, Guest fees are HK$70 per guest. Pls note that guests are not permitted to play Tennis on weekends and public holidays.

What time do the sports facilities open?

Most open at 7am daily with the exception of Bowling which opens at 1pm.

Is the swimming pool heated?

No, our swimming pool is not heated.  We generally keep the temperature between 22-24 degrees Celsius.


Do the dining facilities allow reservations?

Reservations are not accepted for The Boundary Café, Pavilion and Main Bar, unless there is a special event and reservations are specifically called for.  Reservations are accepted in The Grill Room for both lunch and dinner and in the Chinese Section of The Boundary Café for dinner only (Monday to Saturday except Public holidays).  Reservations can be made up to a maximum of 16 people.

Are there any guest limitations for Banqueting events?

Banqueting events held in function rooms have no limitations on number of guests but should comply with the venue’s maximum capacity limits.

Is guest parking allowed for Banquets?

A Maximum of 3 guest parking spots can be arranged for a banquet.  Guest parking fees will apply.

Can KCC arrange a Projector, Screen and Band equipment for a banquet event?

Yes, they can be arranged.  A Projector and Screen at HK$600 per event and Band Equipment at HK$800 per event.

Can we bring our own Wine or Liquor bottles into the restaurants?

You can bring any bottle of Alcohol as long as it’s not a KCC listed brand.  Corkage applies at $95 per bottle of Wine, $150 per bottle of Champagne and $270 per bottle of Liquor with no mixers included.

What is the latest date KCC accepts bookings for a Private Banquet?

Bookings must be at least 14 days prior to the event. Menus should be confirmed 10 days prior to the event.

What is the latest time we can run a Private Banquet till?

All Banquets should end at 11.00pm.


How to become an Ordinary Voting Member (OVM)?

The applicant must be aged 23 or above with the endorsement of 2 Special Voting Member(s) and/or Life Member(s).
Upon the receipt of the completed Membership form, applications would be put on the waiting list. The applicant will be required to pay the prevailing entrance fee and prevailing monthly subscriptions when an OVM turns available.

How many guests can I invite each time?

The maximum number of guests that a Member or Subscriber or their children over the age of 18 may introduce on any one occasion is five, provided that the same person may not enter the Club on more than two occasions in any 30 day period. However, this number may be changed subject to latest guest policy.

Can my 10 years old daughter visit KCC alone?

Members’ and Subscribers’ children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by their parent or by some other Member or Subscriber while at Club premises. Members and Subscribers are responsible for the safety and conduct of their children while they are at Club premises.

How can I get the Reciprocal Club list?

To get the Reciprocal Club list, simply navigate to the “Membership Section” and click Reciprocal Club