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Continuing on its path to glory

Pétanque is the newest sports society at KCC. Pétanque (pronounced pay-tanque) is France’s favourite competitive activity. It’s an enjoyable game that anyone can play, requiring minimal athletic skills other than the ability to throw a ball a short distance. It is played on a hard gravel track, known as a ‘piste’. The piste at KCC is located next to the children playground and swimming pool.

Pétanque is sometimes perceived as a French version of the equally enjoyable lawn bowls. However, the two games are quite different. In lawn bowls players roll hard plastic biased ball as close to the ground as possible on a bowling green, so they stop close to a jack. In Pétanque players throw upward or lob steel ‘boules’ (balls) in the air so that they will either hit their opponents’ boules away from the small target ball, called the cochonnet (the piglet), or land their boules as close as possible to the cochonnet, compared to that of their opponents.

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Pétanque Committee

    • Convenor GEORGES BEAU

    • Secretary Keith Jones

    • Treasurer Paul Fowler

    • Ladies' Captain Maria Jones

    • Men's Captain Dwight Chan

    • Advisor Herbert Kwok

KCC Team during the Petanque Triangle Tournament 2020.


The game is played by two teams. Teams can be singles, doubles, or triples. In singles or doubles each player gets three boules. In triples each gets two. After the boules have been thrown the team with the boule closest to the cochonnet wins the round, and points are awarded. As the game progresses, each team accumulates points until one of the teams reaches 13, the winning number of points.

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