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The society was unofficially launched in early 2018 amongst a few enthusiasts who just wanted to share their favorite spirit with their friends. Enthusiasm was high to be part of this entertaining yet educational group and in 2021 the group, was encouraged to be an official society of the club.

The society committee works diligently to source a diverse array of the finest whisky from different countries, ages, regions, casks, and distilling techniques. The group meets monthly and ‘tastes’ several different whisky on each seating.
You can enjoy whisky any way you like however it is important to keep in mind the distinction between tasting and drinking. Tasting is about the journey – It employs your senses of smell, taste, and even sight to their full potential. Tasting is what happens before you swallow, and becoming a better taster is the single best way to improve your understanding and enjoyment of great whisky. Most of our members will strongly agree that their palettes and their appreciation of what a distiller was intending them to taste has evolved exponentially.

Here is the basics of what you will take away from a tasting session:

See It – There is debate regarding the relevance of color however often a whisky’s color can reveal the wood impact, or suggest the type of cask, especially if it previously held wine, for instance.

Sniff It – Our sense of smell is critical to pleasurable tasting. Therefore, a focus on nosing is often the best way to reframe someone’s concept of tasting—not drinking—whisky. Aroma is the knock on the door, the façade of a building, giving you a sense of whether you would like to venture in or not.

Sip It – It is finally time to take a sip. Use the first sip to coat your mouth with the whisky, to introduce the alcohol and flavor. The real analysis begins with the second sip. Hold the whisky in your mouth for a few seconds and consider its mouthfeel: texture, weight, and viscosity.

Savor It Finally, there is the finish, or the aftertaste: the lingering flavors on the back of the throat.
If you are interested in attending a session, please reach out to any of the committee members.


    • Convenor Shyam Nainani

    • Secretary Baiju Sujanani

    • Committee Member Bhavish Lachmandas

    • Committee Member Sunny Mulchandani

    • Committee Member Manoj Balani

Enjoy your whiskies and Drink Responsibly!

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