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KCC Wine Society

The KCC Wine Society was organized in 1998 by a group of KCC members interested in sharing and learning about all aspects of wine. The KCC Wine Society organizes regular dinner paired tastings of fine wines, monthly cellar tastings of wines from all over the world, wine tours, and other events in order to foster the appreciation and enjoyment for those who love wine. If interested in becoming a member of the KCC Wine Society, please enquire at office or with any KCC Wine Society Committee Member.
KCC Wine Society events are limited to KCC Wine Society members and their guests.

Wine Committee

    • Chairman Brian Cheng

    • Treasurer Brian Cheng

    • Cellar Manager Barry Melbourne

    • Secretary Janice Leung

    • Committte Members Ray Brewster

    • Committte Members Danny Gohel

    • Committte Members ARTHAL PREM-KUMAR

    • Committte Members DAVE PARKIN

    • Committte Members Michael Shum

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Contact us by email: briancheng80@yahoo.co.uk

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